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About Aromatherapy...

"Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment involve the use of essential oils extracted from plants to improve physical and emotional well being. It also helps to promote health and vitality by stimulating the body to heal itself and by reducing stress, which is often a cause of many ailments and illness."

Aromatherapy is the art and sciene of blending essential oils for therapeutic use.
Real Aromatherapy uses only 100% natural and pure essential oils.

About IFA (UK) ...

The International Federation of Aromatherapist (IFA) is the First, Oldest and Largest established governing body for professional aromatherapy and aromatherapists in the world. The IFA logo stands for Experience, Expertise and Excellence in the field of aromatherapy, with all of our therapists trained to the highest level. We have been safeguarding standards in training and practice since 1985 with an official Codes of Ethics and Practice.

We are very proud to hold our charitable status (327290) as we believe it ensures true integrity. Our non-profit status means that all our revenue goes back into increasing the opportunities and benefits available to our members. The IFA's aim, alongside it's members is to bring more awareness to the benefits of aromatherapy and the complementary health profession by using such tools to enhance the well-being and good health of the individual.

The IFA is truly an international organisation with training schools and members worldwide. We are a self-governing body supported by our Members and Friends. Since its formation, the IFA has been at the forefront of developments within the aromatherapy profession and has pioneered the use of aromatherapy in hospitals, hospices, special care units and general practice.


Professional Aromatherapy Consultation Services

With years of professional experience in aromatherapy and essential oil education and training, we are the ultimate choice when you need aromatherpy related advise for your existing or newly startup business.

For existing or new spa, beauty and wellness establishment

  • Professional aromatherapy related advisory & consultancy
  • Design/revamp treatment menu to include aromatherapy services
  • Setting up Essential oil Bar Consultation Concept
  • Staff/therapists' aromatherapy consultation and/or treatment skills upgrade and training
  • Aromatherapy treatment and retail products training
  • Natural treatment products development
  • Bespoke services
  • Supply of aromatherapy related products and essential oils

With the full support from IFA South East Asia Regional Representative, we are able to provide the following services to aromatherapy school issuing IFA certification or any other aromatherapy certification:

  • Formulate school and course SOP
  • School and teaching directives
  • Principal/Assistant Teacher Training (IFA) and trainers' skills upgrading
  • Essential oil knowledge and aromatherapy products training
  • School Advisory


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