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Arome Concepts - we care for your well-being using natural scents ...

Arome Concepts is a holistic consultancy company that specializes in advisory, design, management, development and training for the aesthetics, aromatherapy, spa and wellness industries.

Our business concentration is within the Asia Pacific region, with Singapore as our head-quarter.

As we are in the stressful 21st century, we have started practising holistic complementary therapies such as aromatherapy to balance our health and well-being. Thus, we see the importance in providing the best and most trustworthy aromatherapy consultancy services, products and knowledge to those who are keen to find out more.

With the support from the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA UK) Asia Regional Representative and our professional aromatherapists team, we hope to satisfy your queries and knowledge in aromatherapy, essential oils and wellness through CORPORATE wellness talks, seminars, workshops and specialised training programs.

With our expertise and resources of natural products and essential oils, we provide customised services to corporate clients and individuals to develop and launch bespoke home/spa collections. We also offer creative scents solution and unique gifts ideas for your events.

Surf further for more information on our services. Alternatively, please feel free to CONTACT us for any enquiries.

Thank you.

Scented regards,
Arome Concepts Management Team

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